I’ve noticed as I get older a lot of people believe getting older is like a death sentence and that every year their birthdays roll around it’s just another reminder that we are one year closer to our death date. I truly believe age is a state of mind and we truly never get “old”. Do we get wiser? ABSOLUTELY! Life experience is a beautiful thing! “Getting older” in my eyes is nothing more than proof that we were blessed enough to see another day and a chance to experience this wonderful world! 

The Photos Below: I had recently gotten a new lens so I was so excited to test it out! I had such a blast celebrating a family members 40th birthday! This was my first official event and it could have not gone any better! 


About LunaSoulPhotography

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI! There is absolutely nothing more I love than capturing priceless moments, taking care of my amazing dog Daisy and getting lost in WanderLand!
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