Good vibes only 

Growing up I had such a diverse group of friends and this is something I did not notice or paid much attention to until now in my mid twenties. I can remember as a little girl riding in the back seat of my parents car looking a billboards wondering why the family members looked the same (I didn’t understand genetics or anything like that then haha) it genuinely confused me! Now as an adult I am beyond grateful for friends turned family! Friends whom are so different from me yet one in the same! So grateful for the memories and opportunities to learn and grow from this diverse group of people that to this day I can still call my family. My heart is full!

The photos below: Recently I had the opportunity to shoot for one of my sisters Stacia Lynn on her birthday and the photos I captured reminded me how unique we all are and how we still vibe together as family so well!


About LunaSoulPhotography

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI! There is absolutely nothing more I love than capturing priceless moments, taking care of my amazing dog Daisy and getting lost in WanderLand!
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