My first Wedding!

I vowed for many years that I would NEVER shoot a wedding, I REFUSED to shoot  weddings and I wanted NOTHING to do with shooting weddings. My reasons were always so plain and simple. Weddings are so intimate and for a long time SO intimidating. My biggest fear used to be ruining that special day that the married couple cannot get back. The intricate details that are involved with capturing moments that are so split second I wanted absolutely nothing to do with. Then my whole entire world was rocked! I believe in the law of attraction, what you put out is what you receive and even though I thought putting into the universe “I WILL NEVER SHOOT WEDDINGS I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM” it is only right that I found myself in a situation where I helped in shooting a wedding!

My loving sister came to me and asked if I would like to be a second shooter for an intimate family wedding on the BEACH! She genuinely presented me with an offer I could NOT refuse. Especially because come on now this is family we are talking about! So long story short I agreed to be the second shooter for this family wedding and I was shocked at how much I loved capturing those split second moments! I feel that this wedding seriously opened a door I was purposefully passing for such a long time!

The photos below: here I have some shots from that special day that brought me back to life. Nothing like beautiful people, beautiful scenery and positive vibes!


About LunaSoulPhotography

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI! There is absolutely nothing more I love than capturing priceless moments, taking care of my amazing dog Daisy and getting lost in WanderLand!
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