This is the beginning…

Hello and Welcome! Grand Rapids, MI raised me and the world is my playground. I remember the very first photo I had taken on my very first digital Fujifilm camera was a photo of a rubber duck in the bathroom in my childhood home in black and white. I remember GASPING literally in amazement at the fact that I had created an everlasting image of something I saw through MY eyes. I remember feeling like it was the most beautiful photo ever taken in life! So simple yet intriguing. I will never forget that feeling. So with that I am here to share my passion and inspire the world one photo at a time.

The photo below: Although this is not that photo of the rubber duck and If I find it I will be sharing ASAP! This photo perfectly represents that feeling of amazement. To capture a moment that we cannot get back is thrilling, beautiful and the reason I picked up a camera in the first place. I hope you enjoy following me on this journey and find inspiration as I venture off into WanderLand.




About LunaSoulPhotography

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI! There is absolutely nothing more I love than capturing priceless moments, taking care of my amazing dog Daisy and getting lost in WanderLand!
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