This is the beginning…

Hello and Welcome! Grand Rapids, MI raised me and the world is my playground. I remember the very first photo I had taken on my very first digital Fujifilm camera was a photo of a rubber duck in the bathroom in my childhood home in black and white. I remember GASPING literally in amazement at the fact that I had created an everlasting image of something I saw through MY eyes. I remember feeling like it was the most beautiful photo ever taken in life! So simple yet intriguing. I will never forget that feeling. So with that I am here to share my passion and inspire the world one photo at a time.

The photo below: Although this is not that photo of the rubber duck and If I find it I will be sharing ASAP! This photo perfectly represents that feeling of amazement. To capture a moment that we cannot get back is thrilling, beautiful and the reason I picked up a camera in the first place. I hope you enjoy following me on this journey and find inspiration as I venture off into WanderLand.



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Welcome to the world! 

I never thought I would want to tackle newborn hospital photography however because it is something I feared so much I decided to dive in head first! I am so thankful one of my dear friends allowed me to come into her space and capture the first precioua moments of her baby’s life! I truly believe everything we want is on the other side of fear! 

The Photos Below: Baby Gabriella Elizabeth entered this world August 29, 2017 and it was such a joy and pleasure to capture these moments! 

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I’ve noticed as I get older a lot of people believe getting older is like a death sentence and that every year their birthdays roll around it’s just another reminder that we are one year closer to our death date. I truly believe age is a state of mind and we truly never get “old”. Do we get wiser? ABSOLUTELY! Life experience is a beautiful thing! “Getting older” in my eyes is nothing more than proof that we were blessed enough to see another day and a chance to experience this wonderful world! 

The Photos Below: I had recently gotten a new lens so I was so excited to test it out! I had such a blast celebrating a family members 40th birthday! This was my first official event and it could have not gone any better! 

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I’m falling in love with her. 

Ive heard it time and time again that “in order to love anyone else you must first love yourself” I get it I swear. What no one likes to talk about is the journey to loving yourself. No one likes to talk about how hard it is to stare for longer than 1 minute into your own eyes without looking away. No one likes to talk about how frustrating it can be feeling like you’re talking about the negative too much so you’re forced to paint a smile on your face. No one likes to talk about how hard it is feeling like you do not measure up. No one likes to talk about those long nights where the tears don’t seem to stop and the memories of all the pain that caused those tears never seem to take a back seat. 

The road to self love is ugly, draining, suffocating and extremely painful. It takes a lot of courage to stare into your own eyes and say “I love you even if the world doesn’t.” without looking away. It’s an intense but necessary road. I have learned so much on this journey and the only thing I can really say is face that ugly path head on because at the end of that nasty path is a beautiful road full of adventure. 
The photos below: When you can wake up early in the morning look yourself in the mirror and say “good morning beautiful let’s start the day” with nothing but pajamas on and messy hair you have genuinely won the day over already. It only made sense that I captured this moment. Needless to say I’m falling in love with me every single day. 😉 

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It’s A Boy!

I had the honor of helping announce the new addition to one of my best friends whom I consider more like a sister Kesha and her son Jos’ family! The definition of family has many in my book of life. Family doesn’t always have to mean biological. So long as there is love family can come in many forms. Adding a new addition is always exciting even when the new addition has four paws 😉  

The photos below: Kesha is a very witty individual who always keeps me on my toes! She came up with a hilarious announcement idea for Little Curry which I witnessed had given a few people mini heart attacks! Josiah is such a spunky and clever kid and it had taken no time for Jo to come up with the name Curry after his favorite basketball player Steph Curry. I had so much fun and lots of laughs!

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Good vibes only 

Growing up I had such a diverse group of friends and this is something I did not notice or paid much attention to until now in my mid twenties. I can remember as a little girl riding in the back seat of my parents car looking a billboards wondering why the family members looked the same (I didn’t understand genetics or anything like that then haha) it genuinely confused me! Now as an adult I am beyond grateful for friends turned family! Friends whom are so different from me yet one in the same! So grateful for the memories and opportunities to learn and grow from this diverse group of people that to this day I can still call my family. My heart is full!

The photos below: Recently I had the opportunity to shoot for one of my sisters Stacia Lynn on her birthday and the photos I captured reminded me how unique we all are and how we still vibe together as family so well!

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My first Wedding!

I vowed for many years that I would NEVER shoot a wedding, I REFUSED to shoot  weddings and I wanted NOTHING to do with shooting weddings. My reasons were always so plain and simple. Weddings are so intimate and for a long time SO intimidating. My biggest fear used to be ruining that special day that the married couple cannot get back. The intricate details that are involved with capturing moments that are so split second I wanted absolutely nothing to do with. Then my whole entire world was rocked! I believe in the law of attraction, what you put out is what you receive and even though I thought putting into the universe “I WILL NEVER SHOOT WEDDINGS I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM” it is only right that I found myself in a situation where I helped in shooting a wedding!

My loving sister came to me and asked if I would like to be a second shooter for an intimate family wedding on the BEACH! She genuinely presented me with an offer I could NOT refuse. Especially because come on now this is family we are talking about! So long story short I agreed to be the second shooter for this family wedding and I was shocked at how much I loved capturing those split second moments! I feel that this wedding seriously opened a door I was purposefully passing for such a long time!

The photos below: here I have some shots from that special day that brought me back to life. Nothing like beautiful people, beautiful scenery and positive vibes!

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